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Dr. Emily Hartmann, MD, Plastic Surgeon/Owner, Medical Director

Dr. Emily Hartmann has spent the last decade developing a unique, holistic approach to Plastic Surgery which has resulted in the formation of Emily Hartmann MD Surgical Experience, Beauty Eternal Medspa, and Eternal Wellness Spa. Recognizing that her Plastic Surgery patients needed more than a “one size fits all” mentality, Dr. Hartmann has integrated each aspect of patient need into these three intertwined experiences which all share one fundamental component: the patient. Prioritizing the wellbeing of the patient is integrated into ever aspect of what Dr. Hartmann does, from her initial patient assessment to her post surgical pain management regime.

Born and raised in Chico, Dr. Hartmann now practices in the town her family has called home for generations. A plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and general reconstructive plastic surgery, Dr. Hartmann is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Medicine. As a resident in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Dr. Hartmann explored all facets of plastic surgery, including specific research in nerve repair. During her final year at Wisconsin, as chief in their Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Division, she realized that the patient experience was her true passion, and as such, she decided to branch into private practice. This led her to accept a fellowship in aesthetic plastic surgery at an ASAPS-credentialed, University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine affiliated, cosmetic surgery fellowship in Marina Del Rey and Beverly Hills, CA. This coveted aesthetic surgery fellowship allowed her to work hand-in-hand with world-renowned masters in their respective aesthetic surgical fields. It also laid the groundwork for her understanding of the intersection between plastic surgery and general patient wellness.

Dr. Emily Hartmann now resides in Chico with her three children and husband. Her ultimate goal is to use her surgical expertise to help realize her patient’s medical and aesthetic needs. Dr. Hartmann wants the patient to feel confident that in her they will find a caring, compassionate doctor who is always willing to be of service to her patients: past, present and future. Plastic surgery, whether aesthetic or reconstructive, is an intimate process and you as a patient should feel comfortable and cared for throughout the entire process of your consultation, surgery, care and recovery. Dr. Emily Hartmann has a history of providing this relationship to her patients and looks forward to continuing to foster a caring and compassionate plastic surgery practice in both the Chico area and greater north state region.


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Chico State

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Georgetown University

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Georgetown University

Plastic Surgery Residency

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship

Marina -ROX-USC

Why does board certification matter?

Board Certification indicates that I have not only completed all of the required training to become a plastic surgeon, but I have also completed a rigorous certification process. This certification is conducted by a large group of renowned plastic surgeons who uphold the highest level of safety, knowledge, and ethical prowess. Board Certification Is not a requirement to practice but It Indicates a commitment to excellence and leadership.

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