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Drainless Lower Body Lift


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What is it?

A lower body lift is much like a tummy tuck, except that this surgery extends all the way to the back. It is a 360 degree excision of extra skin, as well as, a lift for the buttock and lateral/anterior thighs. The results are high impact in patients with sagging, deflated skin. The rectus muscles are usually repaired as well. Dr. Hartmann has gone through specialized training to perform a special technique of internal stitches (progressive tension sutures) that results in no need for drains (and a more pleasant recovery). This is a truly transformational surgery for the correct candidate.

Am I a candidate?

Candidates for this surgery must be at their optimal weight (for them) and stable for at least 3 months. The upper abdomen must be evaluated to assess how much fat is on the inside around the organs. If there is too much fat inside the abdomen you may be asked to lose weight prior to surgery in order to become a candidate. Likewise, if you have a hernia you may be asked to see a general surgeon prior to seeking a lower body lift. Swelling will take a full year to resolve.

Before & Afters

What is recovery like?

Recovery time varies by patient. Patients are sent home the same day of surgery with close follow up. You will be placed into a compression binder for 6 weeks. Restrictions include 2 weeks without exertional activity (house work, yard work, lifting greater than 15 lbs). At 6 weeks you will be allowed to return to the gym, and to all other activities, with your new tummy. All stitches will be dissolvable and supportive scar tapes will be used in the first 4 weeks. You will be followed closely for good healing and given scar therapy options as necessary. The incision line will take a full year to turn white.

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