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If it is important to you, it is important.

Dr. Emily Hartmann



Welcome to an experience in health and beauty that is as unique as you are. We see you. Your uniqueness is the blueprint. We do not want you to look like everyone else; our commitment is to you and all the things that make you incredible. We want you to be supported in whatever is important to you, and to your body. The experience we provide is crafted, and curated, to center around your unique hopes, desires, and needs. What we’ve found is that often you are seeking help with an area that is concerning to you and that is where our expertise allows us to aide you. We are honored to usher you through a safe and satisfying experience. Whether you find yourself at Beauty Eternal Medspa, Eternal Wellness Spa, or Emily C Hartmann MD surgical experience; YOU will be our number one priority. You are not a number to us; your health and wellbeing is at the center of everything we do. Our entire practice is centered on a singular mantra: If it is important to you, it is important. Period.

Dr. Emily Hartmann


Dr. Emily Hartmann, MD, Plastic Surgeon/Owner, Medical Director

Dr. Emily Hartmann has spent the last decade developing a unique, holistic approach to Plastic Surgery which has resulted in the formation of Emily Hartmann MD Surgical Experience, Beauty Eternal Medspa, and Eternal Wellness Spa. Recognizing that her Plastic Surgery patients needed more than a “one size fits all” mentality, Dr. Hartmann has integrated each aspect of patient need into these three intertwined experiences which all share one fundamental component: the patient. Prioritizing the wellbeing of the patient is integrated into ever aspect of what Dr. Hartmann does, from her initial patient assessment to her post surgical pain management regime.

Born and raised in Chico, Dr. Hartmann now practices in the town her family has called home for generations. A plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and general reconstructive plastic surgery, Dr. Hartmann is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Medicine. As a resident in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Dr. Hartmann explored all facets of plastic surgery, including specific research in nerve repair. During her final year at Wisconsin, as chief in their Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Division, she realized that the patient experience was her true passion, and as such, she decided to branch into private practice. This led her to accept a fellowship in aesthetic plastic surgery at an ASAPS-credentialed, University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine affiliated, cosmetic surgery fellowship in Marina Del Rey and Beverly Hills, CA. This coveted aesthetic surgery fellowship allowed her to work hand-in-hand with world-renowned masters in their respective aesthetic surgical fields. It also laid the groundwork for her understanding of the intersection between plastic surgery and general patient wellness.

Dr. Emily Hartmann now resides in Chico with her three children and husband. Her ultimate goal is to use her surgical expertise to help realize her patient’s medical and aesthetic needs. Dr. Hartmann wants the patient to feel confident that in her they will find a caring, compassionate doctor who is always willing to be of service to her patients: past, present and future. Plastic surgery, whether aesthetic or reconstructive, is an intimate process and you as a patient should feel comfortable and cared for throughout the entire process of your consultation, surgery, care and recovery. Dr. Emily Hartmann has a history of providing this relationship to her patients and looks forward to continuing to foster a caring and compassionate plastic surgery practice in both the Chico area and greater north state region.

Alicia Walker

Aesthetic Nurse, RN

Alicia serves as an Aesthetic Nurse at Beauty Eternal Medspa. Despite having lived in various states, from Hawaii to Alaska, Alicia has always considered Chico her hometown. As a mother, a spouse, and a nurse, with 20 years of patient care, Alicia brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to her aesthetic practice. She is a patient advocate who prides herself on setting clear expectations of our products/procedures and dispelling any myths/misunderstandings the patients may have received from other sources; Alicia is a consummate professional whose ultimate goal is to help her patients in their beauty journey: to feel beautiful both inside and out! Alicia has been with the Beauty Eternal Medspa team since our inception in 2018, she finds beauty in the outdoors, in travel, and in confidence, kindness and grace. Alicia believes that every one of us deserves to look and feel our best, whatever that means for us personally, and she is here to help you achieve your goals. When she isn’t caring for patients, Alicia enjoys being outside: camping, kayaking, and backpacking. She loves to travel, spend time with her family and friends, and play in the garden.

Marek Abraham

Aesthetic Nurse, RN

Marek serves as an Aesthetic Nurse in the Beauty Eternal Medspa. Born, raised, and residing in Chico with her husband and children, Marek joined Beauty Eternal Medspa right at its inception, in 2018. Marek came to us after a healthy stint, 12 years, of nursing experience in Emergency Medicine. Marek is “journey,” not “destination” focused, a philosophy that fits well with her curious nature and desire to continue learning and exploring. Her entry into aesthetic medicine began with a fascination with lasers and has landed squarely with a love for “neurotoxins,” as she likes to call them. Always adapting to the ever-changing landscape of aesthetics, Marek is committed to helping build her patient’s self-confidence while utilizing the best in aesthetic modalities to achieve their goals. She enjoys helping patients turn away from beauty norms, and social media, and look inward at what they truly want for themselves. Marek reminds us that we are our own worst critics, and that we glow the most when we feel good internally, externally and mentally. When she isn’t caring for patients, Marek enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, and in particular, she enjoys hiking. Marek thrives on a balance of adventure, with a dash of homebody, both of which she prefers to do with her family.

Natasha Gwathney

Coolsculpting Specialist

Natasha has been involved in medical aesthetics for 4 years. She is a Chicoan, born and raised, as well as a mother to her daughter, and her tabby cat, Max. Natasha, of course, is a massive enthusiast of Coolsculpting. She loves that with Coolscuplting she can help patients regain their confidence, “in and out” of their clothes, as Natasha likes to say. Natasha prioritizes spending time with family and friends, travel and nature. She encourages patients to be present in the moment and she prides herself in helping them to become more comfortable in their own skin. Aside from Coolsculpting, Natasha also finds that Botox can be a real game-changer; she believes it provides a youthful, natural glow. Beauty for Natasha, radiates from the inside out, and so her ultimate goal is to help her patients find that inner happiness that radiates a transcendent beauty: “When you feel good, you look good, because you’re radiating happiness!”

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