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What is it?

A labiaplasty is designed to remove redundancies in the labial tissue. This can be either the labia minora, majora, or both. Some people seek this procedure to alleviate discomfort due to the bulky tissue. Some people are looking to improve the visual appearance of the labia. Regardless your reasons, this procedure is very common and can be quite transformative for the patient. It is often done under local anesthesia. The skin is removed and closed with dissolvable stitches. For the appropriate candidate, this procedure is very transformative.

Am I a candidate?

Candidates for this procedure must have the visible anatomy to qualify.

Before & Afters

What is recovery like?

Recovery time varies by patient. You will be asked to avoid anything intravaginal for 6 weeks. You will be on exertional restriction for 2 weeks and then slowly increase activity as tolerated. Swelling will take 3 months to resolve and the stitches dissolve on their own.

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