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If it’s important to you

Written by Emily Hartmann MD

May 4, 2020

With 50% of my practice cosmetic surgery I see a lot of mommy makeover consultations. The term mommy makeover refers to breast and abdominal surgery after women have babies to repair the “damage” done by the process. Invariably they are about my age (40) and have similar demographics. It’s just like sitting with a friend while we talk.
I listen intently to their complaints and it usually is about wanting to look better in the mirror. Most women just want this for themselves because they see the massive changes after pregnancy and there are just some adjustments they are unhappy with. When I ask how their significant other feels about it they usually say “oh he/she doesn’t care, they just want me to be happy”.
After we discuss the details of surgery I’ve had, on occasion, women stop me as I’m walking out the door to say “hey doc can I ask you something?”. I slowly close the door again and say “sure what’s up?”.
“Have you ever had plastic surgery?”
“Would you ever do this surgery?”
“Am I vain for wanting to do this?”
I’ve answered in a variety of ways but I have ultimately come to this. I, too, stand in the mirror naked examining my body. I too see all of the changes from three pregnancies and breastfeeding. I see the skin hanging from my abdomen when I do downward facing dog or planks. I just simply don’t get a guttural response to it. It’s not important to me to see those things fixed. Now if gravity keeps pulling things down I may get to a point where I start thinking about surgery….taking 6 weeks off of work is another story haha!
IF IT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU…IT’S IMPORTANT! That is reason enough…Period!
In regards to the last question my answer is very clear. “I am here to guide you through the process of making your outward appearance aligned with your inside”. Whether you’re a transgender patient or a mom, vanity has nothing to do with it. No more than getting your hair cut so that it reflects your style or wearing your “color palette” to highlight your features. It’s all the same to me and I intend on advocating for your right to not just smile but SING to yourself in the mirror naked. Sing it!

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