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Welcome to Emily Hartmann MD!

Written by Emily Hartmann MD

May 3, 2020

First of all I’m so thrilled to have you join my family!
What you can expect from these posts are honest, wholehearted, expressions that I feel are important for a life full of balance and joy. I am a plastic surgeon in my hometown and I’m also the mother of 3 rockstar kids. As a wife/daughter/sister/friend I’ve certainly navigated some crazy situations. My personal journey involves deep introspection and the study of all things holistic wellness, beauty, and surgery.
For many years I straddled both sides of the spectrum, on the one side I utilized the western surgical approach to my patients as a result of my conventional training. On the other side I pushed to adopt Eastern approaches such as Ayurvedic practices, yoga, and mediation to my own life. While I experienced an awakening in my personal life I was apprehensive to use what I had learned with my patients. I suppose for fear of the unknown and also fear of how it would be perceived.
I then read a pivotal book called “Mind over Medicine” by Dr. Lissa Rankin who gave me the courage to place just as much importance on the patient’s mind as I did their physical state. I started slowly by getting rid of all narcotic use in my practice and switching to herbal supplements and meditation. The changes were profound and completely altered my practice. Patients were absolutely thrilled to not have narcotics and to have an easier recovery than expected. The changes have been monumental and I’m just getting started!
I’m ready to embark on a journey with each one of you…leaning in and giving you all I have. This blog is to serve as a support opportunity as well as resources for all things holistic wellness, beauty, and surgery. I’ll talk about crazy antics and experiences I’ve had so stay tuned!

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